Floodgate Documentation

What is Floodgate?

Floodgate is a cloud-based, extremely fast liquid simulation application for games.


  1. Register on https://access.floodgate.tech and obtain your API key
  2. Download & install the Floodgate asset
  3. Start Floodgate Manager and add your API key


All floodgate licenses are floating. Floating licensing is a software licensing approach in which a limited number of licenses for a software application are shared among a larger number of users over time.

Simulation Length

Length of simulation in frames.

Frame Rate

The number of frames per second.


Viscosity of the fluid

Simulation Accuracy

Determines granularity of the computations and stability of the simulation. Lower values are good for quick iteration. Higher values produce more accurate results.

Mesh Resolution

Resolution of the mesh derived from underlying particles.

Collusion Accuracy

Determines the accuracy of particle and static/dynamic mesh collisions. Lower values are fastest but could result in particles passing through objects.


Value of random noise applied to the particles to break smoothness of fluid surfaces.

Gravity Strength

The strength of the force applied to all particles in the scene in a downward direction.

Particle Speed

Speed of the particles emitted from a mesh

Collision meshes are meshes that interact with the fluid simulation. They can be static or dynamic.


The amount of resistance that particles encounter when colliding with the surface.


Makes particles stick to the object’s surface.

Mesh Tips

When it comes to collision meshes, lower the triangle count, the better. It’s best to substitute less dense versions of your meshes(polygonally) as colliders if your meshes contain too many polygons.

Meshes should be closed (watertight).  Non watertight meshes will be converted to watertight meshes automatically.

Our roadmap can be found on https://trello.com/b/z6g4ymXK/roadmap